GO2 for Lung Cancer Launches New PSA Campaign Featuring Actor and Director, Tony Goldwyn

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Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. It is the leading cause of cancer death for men and women in every ethnic group yet often people diagnosed with the disease do not know where to turn for the information and support they need.

Actor and director Tony Goldwyn, who lost his own mother to lung cancer, is featured in GO2 for Lung Cancer’s new campaign to raise awareness that GO2 is the “go-to” for anyone impacted by the disease. “When I lost my mother to lung cancer in 1993, she didn’t have many options,” said Goldwyn. “That’s why I am so passionate about making people aware of lung cancer’s impact and the lifesaving support GO2 provides.”

Did you know?

• Women who never smoked are 2x more likely to get lung cancer as men who never smoked

• Veterans and active-duty military are at increased risk for lung cancer and may have lower survival rates than the civilian population.

• Screening is the best way to find lung cancer at its earliest stage, when there is a 65% five-year survival rate compared to only 9% when it is discovered later

GO2 has a long history of relentlessly confronting lung cancer on every front, every day, for everyone. GO2 is the go-to for one-on-one assistance, supportive connections, treatment information, and finding the best care close to home.

We’re the place to go to learn about the latest research and special initiatives that increase survivorship. We’re the source for improving health policies and leading public awareness to shift this disease from one of stigma to one of hope. We are teachers, guides, advocates, and supporters. Confronting lung cancer starts here.

Please share our PSA to let people know that no one has to confront lung cancer alone. All they need to do is visit go2.org.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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