Why Your Organization Needs VNR1 to Distribute your PSAs

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Your PSA Revolution: Taking Advantage of Digital Delivery

What you are seeing is the latest generation of PSA distribution systems: Our exclusive Digital PSA Platform™. Well-proven for 30+ years, these platforms are designed to meet the immediate needs of time-stressed PSA and Program directors who decide whether to run your PSAs.

All your TV and Radio PSAs, web banners, supporting information and contact data, are placed on this single safe platform that you own, hosted on LiteSpeed servers, available 24/7 for download and then sent to EVERY radio and TV station and network in the U.S. – every month.

The success of this platform is based on 6 straightforward truths: PSA and Program Directors overwhelmingly prefer to receive a single PSA campaign, safely, on a rapid-download platform, sent via email from a personal .org email address, directly from the non-profit.

Digital PSA Platforms deliver immediate and direct digital transfers to their programming computers focusing only on YOUR campaign in an email that appears to be coming from you. No middlemen, paid subscriptions, passwords, PSA feeds, aggregate websites, or other hassles.

Digital PSA Platforms provide you direct connections to the media and new or updated PSAs
can be rotated on your platform for your next launch while your platform URL – now in the hands of the media – always stays the same. DPSA Platforms can also be localized for market-by-market, state, or regional distribution.

Our audience reporting is detailed and most-importantly, honest. We report weekly and cumulatively for the duration of the campaign, noting time, daypart, date, station/network, affiliation, market, duration of airing, exact Nielsen/Kantar BVS audio/video audience and advertising value of each airing they locate. We then provide detailed quarterly analytics and summary reports. We ONLY report exact Nielsen/Kantar BVS information exactly as we receive it. We do not use unrecognized measurements such as “impressions”, “viewership”, cable households or audience “algorithms” to inflate audiences. We can provide paid-placement OOH media. Examples of Digital PSA Platforms, sample audience reports are always available.

Please let us know if we may ever provide free council now…or future services later.

Jack Trammell
VNR1 Communications, Inc
800 937 8671

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