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Constituting America is committed to reversing the trend of civic apathy permeating our society today and encouraging all Americans to read and believe in our U.S. Constitution – and come together in civil civic discourse.

Our mission is to teach students and adults across America about the non-partisan relevancy of the Constitution and the principles of self-governance inherent in our founding documents. Towards that end, we have created many interesting ways for people of all ages to study the U.S. Constitution and how it affects their lives, including Radio and TV PSAs created by a diverse group of middle school, high school and college-aged students!

These Radio and Television PSA’s created by diverse students from across America engage and inspire adults and students to want to learn more about our founding document that protects our freedom, and to come together as Americans with Civil Civic Discourse.

We hope you find these quality assets timely, useful and of value. We thank you in advance for promoting Civic Education and Engagement.

Cathy Gillespie
Co-President, Constituting America

TV PSAs Click to load and view in player

Dakare "It's An American Thing" :30 TV PSA
Adam "Pizza" :60 TV PSA
Lily "The Compass" :60 TV PSA
Joaddan "Open Your Box" :60 TV PSA
Emily "Everything" :60 TV PSA
Laura "If you Had Something" :60 TV PSA

Radio PSAs Click to load and view in player

Dakare :30 English Radio PSA
Emily :30 English Radio PSA
Emily :30 Spanish Radio PSA
Adam "Pizza" :60 English Radio PSA
Joaddan :60 English Radio PSA
Jorne :60 English Radio PSA
Colton :30 English Radio PSA

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