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Texas PTA is the largest child advocacy association in the state with an average of 500,000-plus members. From families to educators, and even community leaders, Texas PTA has a diverse volunteer base who share in a special interest in our students and schools. One way we champion for our state’s public education system is through advocacy work. Sadly, due to COVID-19, our thunderous voice has been weakened by declining membership. We fear our work during the 87th Texas Legislature will be greatly impacted.

These PSAs each speak to a different audience who can lend their voice to our mission – some folks you might expect and others who need a reminder about membership. Because if you care about your kids and their schools, you belong in PTA!

Please help give every child a voice at the Capitol by delivering these important messages to Texans near and far.

Amy Perry
Texas PTA

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Texas PTA :30 Mom RadioPSA
Texas PTA :30 Dad Radio PSA
Texas PTA :30 Grandma Radio PSA
Texas PTA :30 Advocacy Radio PSA

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