SCAN Health Plan Honors Centenarians with the Launch of stages: 100 Over 100

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There are over 80,000 centenarians living in America today—and more than 300 of them are SCAN Health Plan members! The “stages: 100 over 100” campaign is a digital docuseries that puts the spotlight on some of our members who are 100 years old—or older.

SCAN Senior Advocates began making birthday visits in 2015, welcoming these members into the 100+ Club. Many times they are joined by family and friends. Other times it is our honor and great pleasure to be the ones to spend time with them on their special day. They show up with a cake, birthday wishes and a birthday serenade but, inevitably, they leave with much more: inspiration. That’s the inspiration behind the stages campaign. We hope it will inspire others to see what we see every day: the beauty and dignity in aging.


SCAN Health Plan Honors Centenarians with the Launch of stages: 100 Over 100 

Digital Portrait Series Features Southern California’s Seniors Highlighting the Beauty and Dignity of Growing Older 

LONG BEACH, Calif.—May 6, 2019—In honor of May’s Older Americans Month, SCAN Health Plan®, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage health plans, today announced the launch of “stages: 100 Over 100,” a social media campaign that documents images and stories of seniors aged 100 and older. The digital docuseries spotlights SCAN’s centenarian members, and aims to raise awareness of older adults in our communities and break the stereotypes associated with aging.

“Seniors are at the heart of what we at SCAN do every day, and we wanted to create something that would bring that senior focus to the community at large,” said Chris Wing, CEO of SCAN Health Plan. “We hope stages can serve as a call to action of sorts. All of us know a senior who deserves our time and attention – perhaps use this as an opportunity to connect, share and learn from and with them.”

Unveiled to coincide with the annual observance of Older American’s Month and in recognition of the more than 80,000 centenarians living in America today, stages will feature digital portraits and stories from some of the health plan’s members who have reached the milestone of living to the age of 100 and beyond. The images and stories will be featured on SCAN’s social channels throughout 2019.

“We have more than 300 members who are 100 or older, so we thought they would be the perfect start for this series. They really bring to life the beauty and diversity in aging,” continued Wing. “SCAN is committed to ensuring older adults have access to services and resources to remain healthy and independent, and we’re very proud to help celebrate these remarkable seniors.”

SCAN is collaborating with Los Angeles-based photographer, Robert Duron, to capture the images and stories of the centenarians. With over 25 years of experience spanning editorial and corporate campaigns, Duron brings a unique visual storytelling ability to stages. For the centenarian portraits and behind-the-scenes interviews, Duron accompanies SCAN Senior Advocates as they visit as many of the plan’s centenarians as possible on their birthdays.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with SCAN to elevate and recognize our seniors,” stated Duron. “The opportunity to publicly showcase portraits and stories of these unique and memorable people is a privilege.”

To learn more, please visit, and follow the campaign on SCAN’s social media: Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.

About SCAN Health Plan 

SCAN Health Plan is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage plans, serving more than 200,000 members in California. Since its founding in 1977, SCAN has been a mission-driven organization dedicated to keeping seniors healthy and independent. Independence at Home, a SCAN community service, provides vitally needed services and support to seniors and their caregivers. SCAN also offers education programs, community funding, volunteer opportunities and other community services throughout our California service area. To learn more, visit or or follow us on Twitter @scanhealthplan.

Media Contact:

Lindsay Denietolis

Havas Formula


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Fujiye Fukuoka, 100 - Gardena, CA
Morris Ossias, 100 - Mission Viejo, CA
Nellie Hernandez, 104 - Anaheim, CA
Rosaria LoGrande, 100 - San Pedro, CA
Stages 100+ Compilation Video
Bob Hayden, 102, San Clemente, CA - Short Form Video
Bob Hayden, 102, San Clemente, CA - Long Form Video
Katherine Baumchen, 104, Los Angeles, CA - Short Form Video
Katherine Baumchen, 104, Los Angeles, CA - Long Form Video
Laverne Olson, 100, Lakewood, CA - Subtitle Video

Still Images Click to download

Alma June Williams, 100 - Santa Ana, CA
Ana Estudiante, 102 - North Hills, CA
Berdine R. Palm, 104 - Laguna Hills, CA
Elizabeth Luma, 101 - Lake Niguel, CA
Elizabeth Schiavino, 100 - Yucca Valley, CA
Grayce E. McPherson, 102 - Laguna Woods, CA
Kikue Okano, 101 - Los Angeles, CA
Mary A. Overholt, 102 - Placentia, CA
Regina Thaheld, 100 - Yorba Linda, CA
Luis Ramirez, 100 - Long Beach, CA
Isabelle, 100 - Riverside, CA
Delfina Vargas, 100 - El Monte, CA
Josephine "Jo" Hamann, 100 - Yorba Linda, CA
Mitzi, 101 - Westminster, CA
Rita Killingback, 100 - Dana Point, CA
Rosaria LoGrande, 100 - San Pedro, CA
Ruth O. Schmitt, 102 - Seal Beach, CA
Alta A. Regalado, 100 - South Gate, CA
Aziz Eshraghian, 101 - Santa Monica, CA
Idella Hollins, 101 - Redondo Beach, CA
Jeanette L. Ainsworth, 103 - Laguna Woods, CA
Jewel Owens, 102 - Victorville, CA
Katherine Baumchen, 104 - Los Angeles, CA
Kathryn Edna Johnson, 101 - Catherdral City, CA
Laverne Olsen, 101 - Lakewood, CA
Marcelle Stephens, 100 - Lynwood, CA
Maria Calderon, 101
Rosemary Demmon, 100 - Los Angeles, CA
Winifred W. Carter, 100 - Long Beach, CA
Barbara E. Laboyteaux, 102 - Seal Beach, CA
Caroline Berkey, 102 - Rancho Mirage, CA
Henry E Tornell, 100 - Laguna Hills, CA
John S. Dudley, 101 - Laguna Woods, CA
Maria J. Barajas, 100 - Pasadena, CA
Mary Carranza, 100 - Riverside, CA
Mary Gilmer, 102 - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Robert Hayden, 102 - San Clemente, CA
Rozella Pitts, 101 - Long Beach, CA
Susanne Kalerakus, 100 - Los Angeles, CA
Filomena Quintero, 100 - Torrance, CA
Zelma Dennis, 100 - Santa Monica, CA
Birda J Ousley, 101 - Laguna Woods, CA
Evelyn Guin, 100 - Riverside, CA
Harriet Mudge, 101 - Laguna Woods, CA
Marion Hogue, 100 - Sun City, CA
Maxine Wells, 101 - Seal Beach, CA
Rose Garofalo, 101 - West Covina, CA
Ysabel Avey, 100 - Torrance, CA
Mary Saito, 102 - Alhambra, CA
Mildred Gardiner, 103 - Lakewood, CA
Jack McEwan, 100 - Arcadia, CA
Nellie Hernandez, 104 - Anaheim, CA
Helen Scott, 100 - Seal Beach, CA
Irene Groves, 101 - Hemet, CA
Pietje Windhorst, 100 - Seal Beach, CA
Ethel M. Kaainoa, 100 - Inglewood, CA
Edith Freeman, 102 - Lakewood, CA
Fern D. Ward, 100 - Seal Beach, CA
Photographer - Robert Duron

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