Military Families Face Unprecedented Challenges Because Of COVID-19

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Dear PSA Director:

Military families face unprecedented challenges on the home front due to the pandemic. Thirty-four percent of military families have experienced a loss of income due to the pandemic as military spouses, already unemployed at a rate six-times higher than their civilian counterparts prior to the pandemic, experience COVID-related job losses. As a result, many military families now find it difficult to put food on the table without this vital second income. This stress is only compounded by the uncertainty around schools reopening and the availability of affordable childcare in many locations.

That is why the Armed Services YMCA, an affiliate of the Y dedicated to strengthening young military families, created this PSA to educate Americans about these pressing issues.

The military does not get to work from home. They must report for duty and conduct the essential services needed to protect our country every day. In turn, the Armed Services YMCA provides direct services to military personnel that include free or low-cost daycare, emergency food relief and child development programs across 93 military installations.

Let’s support our military by helping to strengthen our military families during these uniquely difficult times.

With gratitude,

Dorene Ocamb
Chief Development Officer

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